Students are a central part of the St Thomas Crookes family.

We love seeing students introduced to Jesus, find belonging in His church and discover opportunities to do good. We do this primarily through mid-week communities called clusters & through Sunday gatherings.

Below you can get part of the picture of what these communities get up to each week.

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Active Cluster

with Holly & RobActive

 Meets Weekly on Saturdays & Fridays.


Each Saturday morning this group meet for a 5k run with 100s of other Sheffield'ers in Endcliffe Park (Hunters Bar), Sheffield. You don't have to be fast to join in but it is helpful to be friendly. There will always be an opportunity for brunch together afterwards. We meet regularly as a Cluster on Friday evenings.

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Central Cluster

with Lewis & EllieActive

 Meets Weekly on Wednesdays.


This group is predominantly for Sheffield Hallam Students... meeting down on Eccy Road & into the city. However, its open to any student. If you like the sound of craft ales & competition you'd be welcome to get involved. We alternate Cluster each week with chilled nights getting to know people over beer and boardgames.

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Create Cluster

with EthanCreate

 Meets Weekly on Tuesdays.


This group likes to take creativity as a key value in everything they do inwardly and outwardly. You don't have to be able to paint like Picasso or sing like Sinatra to join in. There are lots of ways to get involved.

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Ignite Cluster

with Jacob & MattieIgnite

 Meets Weekly on Tuesdays.


Besom Sheffield co-ordinate projects that offer practical services for people in need. It could be clearing a garden or decorating a house... all depending on the need. Once a term we have an opportunity to organise, co-ordinate and deliver a large project alongside meeting regularly as a Cluster.

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Transform Cluster

with Flora & TomTransform

 Meets Weekly on Tuesdays & Saturdays.


On Saturdays this group go into the city centre with food and drinks to serve the homeless community of Sheffield and show Gods love in a practical way. Volunteers are welcome to join us in doing good. Regular members are encouraged to attend our frequent safeguard & best practise training. This is a brilliant student led opportunity and we do this alongside meeting regularly as a Cluster.

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Unite Cluster

with Millie & Josh

 Meets Weekly on Wednesdays.


This group of students focus on bringing people together. Building a solid, faith focused community through all sorts of social events. You may find us in the peaks, down the pub, enjoying a film or simply chilling in homes. It will always be fun and we do this alongside meeting regularly as a Cluster.

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James came to Sheffield in 2008 to study at the University of Sheffield. Fell in love with the city and never left. Always ready to have a conversation about good hair, the North and pies. However, disappointingly not the Godfather of Soul.

Phoebe is a proud Hallamer (she brings the party to the team). A firm believer that breakfast and lunch are done best together... nothing beats a poached egg and a wander around our beautiful city.
Phoebe also works for Church Army doing HR & Payroll.

Rich is a scouser (although he is quite nice). He just finished the discipleship year at STC & recently started a part-time job for Fusion equipping students and student workers across the North of England for mission and discipleship at University.

Say hello to the wonderful student interns!
laura, Tom & Emily.
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