GOD IS STRONG, and God knows all. Time does not constrain Him.

For He has your back, your front, and your sides.

When fear strikes all around, may you see nothing but God, who has you covered. God is your firm; your insurance. God is the landmark in the unknown, when you’ve lost your bearings. Not grades, not plans, but He who made all lands and skies – He who knows your deepest desire and most secret fear …. He is the one you can rely on … not a piece of human-made information.

Dare to trust, and learn you must give Him your lowest low and highest high, your pain, your joy, your name, and your story.

Your story will be written by someone other than yourself.

We can make plans, and dictate how we want our story to go. But, let’s be honest – really honest – who is a better author than the One who is known as Love? One smear of ink from God in the novella which is your story … that is a life worth living! From within to the outside, let your story be a light to those by the wayside.

So, as you wait for results and confirmations, and as the red light turns to green (for it will, no matter which direction you’re being lead), remember to give God the pen to write your story. For He has the best ending you could possibly imagine. And only He knows the journey.




P.S. You’re being prayed for by so many across the country. May God’s peace be with you.

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