Early in February 2015, the students and young adults community at St Thomas Crookes Sheffield asked the question, what if we hosted one of the best parties in the city? And what if we made it an invitation to Alpha?

We wanted to be braver. So we went bigger.
We wanted to take a risk. So we did it out of our building.
We wanted it to be classy but with a bit of an edge (you know, dance that fine line). So we hired an arty exhibition space right in the heart of the city.

The vibe was battle of the bands meets Alpha Launch Party. Aimed at 18-30s, we worked our grapevine and invited our mates to come and enjoy some music & have a drink with us on a Monday night after work.

The place was packed.

405 people came to our party. Out of that crowd, 140 people came across to do Alpha with us. It has been lots of fun & we have made loads of new friends. People have become Christians and some people have joined small groups across the Church to keep the conversation going.

We are learning that faith means taking risks. The old ways can’t simply be repeated. To reach new people we have to try new things. After all, we have an infinitely creative God, who I think loves it when we step beyond our comfort zones into a place of dependency and expectation.

We had lots of fun & can’t wait to have a go again next year!

Well done team.

James Brown

Student Worker. Alpha. Whiskey & Coffee. *not together please - I'm English.
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