About Us

Hello from James

I’m the student worker at STC Sheffield and would love to say hi to you.
I’m a big fan of coffee and a big fan of people so drop me a message and we can grab one at one of Sheffield’s great coffee shops.

At STC we love Students.

Here’s how it works.

Whether you’re new to the City or new to the church, you’re always welcome here at STC Sheffield. We’d love to get to know you a little better over coffee too, Sheffield has got some great coffee shops for you to explore.


Here at STC, we think community is really important. We love those conversations we have with friends about what’s going on. Each week we meet as communities called clusters in someones house. There’s often food and always laughter. 


We gather together on Sundays in the morning and the evening to worship together.  This looks like songs of thanksgiving, a message from the Bible to apply to our lives and plenty of time to catch up with friends over decent coffee at the end of the gathering. 


A little more about the team

James Brown

James is from Wigan and loves pies, he leads the student work here at STC Sheffield.


Say Hello.

There’s a few ways to get in touch and find out what we’re up to.

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